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Medici Villa of Trebbio, Mugello

This Medici villa is located in the nearbies of Florence, in the Mugello region, a wonderful corner of quiet tuscan countryside.
Villa del Trebbio is really ancient, but in 1428 Cosimo de’ Medici completely renovated and enlarged it; the architect is Michelozzo (the same of Cafaggiolo and Palazzo Medici).
This villa was surrounded by forests and agricultural estate, and even if it looks like a fortified castle, it was a place of pleasure and rest for the Medici family. Today the castle is surrounded by a beautiful cypress wood with more than one century old trees.
Unfortunately today this villa is private, and visits can be booked just in some special occasions.

You can see the tour of my daytrip in Mugello in this post!


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Anonymous said...

Wao! That's nice!

Trädgårdsturisten said...

Hi, I´m from Stockholm Sweden and have been outside Il Trebbio several times, but have never succeded to come in and see the "famous" historic loggia. I wish sometimes, perhaps in May this year I will figure out how to get permission to see it.

Nice blog, I have signed up as a follower now.

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