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Garden of Horticulture, Florence (Giardino dell'Orticultura)

The garden of Horticulture of Florence first opened in 1862, and it was made by the Horticulture Society of Tuscany to spread the knowledge of plants and “love and taste for horticulture”.
In 1880 the garden hosted the First National Horticulture Expo: to celebrate the happening a big greenhouse was built, a wonderful building made of iron and glass, one of the first buildings of this kind. the architect Giacomo Roster planned this greenhouse, and today is best known as “tepidarium of Roster”.
In 1911 was built also a nice small lodge called “Loggetta Bondi” in neo-renaissance style.

In the last years a weird decoration was added to this garden: a big snake that is dragging on the steps of a stair, all made with pieces of stones, with his large mouth opened and showing his long sharp teeth… it’s quite odd and pretty ugly, seems an ungraceful version of Gaud√¨’s Salamander in Parc Guell!

The Garden of horticulture is a nice place for spending an afternoon in the sun, having a nap under a tree, taking a walk along the paths and playing a soccer match with friends (yes, we’re in Italy, every place is good to kick a ball!).

I’ve been there last Saturday with my friend Daniela and we shoot some pictures…

the greenhouse of the Garden of Horticulture, Florence

the Loggetta Bondi and some guys playing soccer

the snake drags down the steps in front of a nice view of Florence

the ugly snake... the write on the rock means "grandma is always right" :-D

the head of the ugly snake

the snake is biting me (on the left) and Daniela


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jasperjugan said...

looks like a very cool and nice place!!

Marcus, Florence Italy said...

Wow, I never noticed the snake before, I'll have to go and visit the Florence garden of Horticulture,thanks for that. Isn't Florence fantastic!

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